What is coaching?

In sports, coaches help athletes see what they cannot see themselves, make suggestions for development and improvement, help athletes stay focused and support them in overwhelming moments. Athletic coaches work with top performers and help them move to even higher levels of success. Coaches help athletes make the changes—small or large—that make the difference.

Coaching is no longer just for athletes

Personal and Executive Coaches help individuals, staff teams and organizations achieve personal, career and business goals. Just like athletic coaches, personal and executive coaches help widen our viewpoint and help reveal what we cannot see ourselves. This helps us make the changes—small or large—that make a difference to our personal or career success and improves our happiness, relationships, health or finances.

At its basic level, coaching is a type of conversation the helps us move past our own thinking and get out of our own way. The coaching relationship is dedicated 100% to you and your success.

What is integrally informed coaching?

Integral informed coaching is a unique approach to coaching that supports the development of the entire person simultaneously. All aspects of the person, his/her beliefs, responsibilities, relationships and life context are considered and integrated into the approach. In essence, the entire you is included in the process.

Integrally informed coaching is based on integral theory pioneered by Ken Wilber. Integral theory is about the development of human consciousness by emphasizing balanced and unified growth. Integrally informed coaching is a unique approach to change that focuses on the development of competencies (skills and abilities) that enable you to be in your desired area of growth in a new way and achieve a higher level of results.

Is coaching for me?

How do you know if coaching is for you? The best way to discover if coaching is right for you is to take advantage of our free 30 minute coaching session.

You may first prefer to review the following list. It may provide insights on how coaching can support you.

Coaching may be right for you if you:

  • are going through a major change in your life or career.
  • feel stuck, like you are spinning in place.
  • want more balance in your life.
  • want to create greater alignment between your values and your lifestyle.
  • are working on, doing, or thinking about something interesting and need clarity on the next steps.
  • are working to change a personal or professional behaviour that causes challenges for you.
  • are developing your leadership skills.
  • are starting a new business or position.
  • feel like you are missing information, or lacking perspective, but are unsure how to find it.
  • are acquiring a new skill or approach to life.
  • are reinventing or rebranding yourself (or your organization) personally or professionally.
  • have few people with whom you can discuss ideas or concerns.
  • are dedicated to a form of personal mastery and want to take things to the next level.
  • need support.
  • have a task or goal that seems impossible.
  • have a task or goal that you know you can achieve, but you would like support.
  • need to be held accountable.
  • want to become a coach yourself.
  • are not sure if coaching is for you, but coaching intrigues you.