First Responder Services

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The conditions, demands and incidents facing First Responders are extraordinary and far beyond the threshold of most people. Despite their training and mental toughness, First Responders are human under the uniform and they face mental health risks beyond the demands of the civilian population. Personal, relationship, and mental health challenges are growing rapidly amongst First Responders. Relationship break-ups, personal challenges, depression, post-traumatic stress and occupational stress injuries, as well as suicide rates, are increasing at an alarming speed.

fire 4At Emergence, we have experience working with First Responders and providing them support through presentations and block training on mental health related topics, as well as executive coaching and leadership development.

Individual and group sessions for mental fitness and occupational stress are available. At Emergence we combine well established evidence-base techniques with innovative techniques that are demonstrating promising results in initial trials to provide cutting edge support for First Responders.


For more details on each of our services, please contact us by phone at 226-789-8983 or email us through the contact box below.

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• Individual Self-care and PTSD/OSI Coaching and hypnotherapy sessions
• Coming Soon!! FREE Guided Meditation cds Customized for First Responder


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