Personal Practices

Personal Practices for Reducing Stress and Improving the Quality of Your Life!

It is my pleasure to share with you some powerful practices that are designed to help you reduce your stress level and strengthen your skills around resiliency. The practices and information on this page are here to support you with your personal growth and increase your knowledge of yourself! I hope you enjoy them!



pdfRules of the Mind and Cognitive Thinking Errors: This PDF is not a specific practice, but rather designed to help you explore how your own mind works, as well as, to provide a starting point for exploring the errors in your thinking. All of us have “thinking errors”. These are habits of thought that work against us an make our lives more difficult. As you review these areas, I invite you to explore where they show up in yourself and others.

rule of mind-thinking errors


Hearthmatpdfh Mediation:  This incredible practice is based on work by the Heartmath Institute . This incredible process helps disconnect negative emotions and brings your body, mind and emotions, back to relaxation response. This practice is fabulous for anyone who is interested in meditation and mindfulness practices. It is especially good for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety or PTSD. I hope you enjoy!

heartmath coherence practice


pdfSitting with Self-Compassion: Self-compassion is one of the keys to recovery and healing of any kind. It is also a crucial part of dealing with stress, challenges and difficult times. This practice is perfect for anyone going through difficulties, making significant changes, recovering from addiction or illness, or who just wants a beautiful daily mediation.


sitting with self compassion practice


pdfWalking Meditation for Empowerment: This is a walking meditation and mindfullness practice in one. In this practice you will use movement and the body to bringing awareness to your physical presence, while also keeping an inward focus . It is a perfect mediation for those who find “sit-still” practices torturous!

Walking Meditation for Empowerment


pdfEmotional Guidance Scale Practice: This focus practice is designed to help you hone yours skills for managing your emotions and generating more effective emotional states. The purpose of this practice is to help you move or change your emotional “default” setting and be able to decide what you are going to feel regardless of what is going on around you.



pdfWhat am I Tolerating? This is an awareness practice. It is designed to bring awareness to the many small irritants that we allow to linger in our lives. Small irritants reduce our energy and vitality. Things take more effort to deal with because we are tolerating many things that could be removed from our lives. Of course there are things we cannot change, however many of the things we are tolerating can be changed. This practice is a great place to start!





How Much Time Do you Spend? Do you feel like you are always over booked and over scheduled? This exercise will help you explore how you spend your time. You might be surprised where all your time goes!





Realistic Schedules:  Do you chronically over or under estimate how long tasks will take? Is your schedule overloaded and unrealistic? This practice will help you explore the habits and beliefs that keep you scrambling.




pdfYou Wouldn’t Love me Anymore This Focus Practice is designed to help you uncover and explore any limiting beliefs or perceptions you might have about how loveable you are.