Positive Affirmation Colouring Sheets

Adult Colouring Books are taking North America by storm! Colouring is a wonderful way to increase relaxation, release stress and promote well-being! When you add a positive affirmation, they become even more powerful!

I have created a series of 12 FREE, positive affirmation colouring sheets that you can download as many times as you like! One of those sheets, I’m Possible, is below. To receive the other 11, please enter your name and email address in the opt-in box below and I will send the additional pages to you (along with other updates) as they become available!

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Here is an example of a blank and coloured sheet. I am creating more pages all the time, so please stay-tuned! You can also join me for the Hypno-doodling Class and learn how to make your own!

Before and After Positive Affirmation Colouring Example

IMG_0605 IMG_0611

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I’M – Pocolouring_1_BWssible! Colouring Sheet

You can be whatever you want! This fabulous butterfly is a great way to remind yourself that you can become whatever you desire!

I’m Possible Colouring Page


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Choose From and Enjoy!

  • I’m Possible
  • I am Valuable
  • My Feelings Matter
  • Love is All There is!
  • Dream the Biggest Dream You Can
  • I Love Myself, so I Take Care of Myself

Coming Soon So Stay Tuned!

  • Ohm!
  • Peace
  • I love my Body!
  • I am Abundant!
  • I am Successful!
  • I am Strong!
  • (BONUS!!!) My Life Matters (For First Responders)