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“The thing that made the biggest difference in my life, was learning the power of Possibility Thinking and applying it everywhere, to everything and everyone!”

– Renate Donnovan

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What is Possibility Thinking?

Chuck Gallozzi sums up possibility thinking well when he says, “Possibility thinkers aren’t concerned about what they are, but what they can be. They are not concerned about the battles they have to face, but with the possibilities they will uncover.” At the simplest level, possibility thinking is approaching every situation from the place of, “What is possible here?” Seeing only what is possible and moving forward from the mindset of making that possibility the reality.

lightbulbAnything that has ever happened, been invented, or been discovered only occurred because someone, somewhere thought it was possible. Then, as important, that person had the determination and resiliency to keep going until they proved it was possible. All advancements in medicine, technology, and all previously unaccomplished feats all happened because someone believed it was possible. Bill Gates believed it was possible for everyone to own a personal computer. You might be reading this on that very home computer, or even more amazing, your tablet or phone! We take these items for granted so much, that we often forget there was a time when we didn’t have them.

Possibility thinking is the foundation of enlightened problem solving. Regular problem solving looks at solving an immediate problem. Possibility thinking is expanded thinking—it looks beyond what is, to what could be.

Regardless of the situation, possibility thinkers see what is happening and asks, “What is possible here?” or “What would have to happen for this outcome to be possible?”

There are several ways you can phrase the question, or think about the possibilities. In addition to the two above, you might ask:

  • “If I could/really ________________ what would be possible?” eg. (If I could really love myself, what would be possible)
  • “In this situation, given the resources I have, what is possible?” (eg. Knowing that my co-workers are who they are, what is possible here?)
  • “What if it were possible to______”? (eg. What if it were possible to really heal?
  • “What would be possible if I_____________” (eg. What would be possible if I set aside my anger?)

How it all Began (My Experience with Possibility Thinking)

doorSeveral years ago, a friend and I decided we were going to take on the challenge of a 40 km hike. To prepare for that hike, we started training by walking several times a week. As we walked, we talked! Being both self-employed, those talks often turned to conversations about our businesses. Both being possibility thinkers, we often used our walking time to help each other brain-storm, idea generate, and visualize our goals.

Then, the craziest thing started happening! We started reaching those goals! Just by Walking with Possibility™ we began achieving the very things we were talking about.

Being a hypnotist and active teacher in the personal growth field, I started thinking about how the walks were types of visioning processes. What were we “really doing” naturally, and how could we use this more effectively. We began to formalize the process, adding deliberate visioning processes, rituals like high-fiving at each kilometer, and anchored those goals.

The process was so amazing (and we were having so much fun) we started sharing the process with others!

Soon we had small groups of people joining us on our Walk with Possibility™. As a result, the Walk With Possibility Goal and Visioning Process™ was born! (You can join us for in-person on October 17th. Information is below.)

It was so much fun, and so effective, that I wanted to share this amazing process with others! THAT lead to idea for the FREE 30 Day Possibility Challenge!™

The FREE 30 Day Possibility Challenge™ – Starting October 1st, 2016

Are you ready for the Challenge? I am inviting you to join me in creating more possibility in your life through the FREE 30 Day Possibility Challenge™.

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You can also follow us on Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn! Please invite friends and family to participate in the challenge. It’s so much more fun to do this with others. And, let’s face it, with all the stress so many of us face, most of us want and need more possibility in our lives! You can also join the 30 Day Possibility Challenge™ group on Facebook.

Want even more possibility?? Join me Saturday, October 17th, 2016, from 9-12 pm for the Walk with Possibility Walk-Shop™! (Info below).

How Does Possibility Thinking Work?

possibilityAs a hypnotist and transformational coach, I harness the vast resources of my unconscious mind and apply that power to possibility thinking. I use it everywhere, with everything. As a college instructor, I taught possibility thinking to my students. As a coach and hypnotist, I use it with my clients. I use it when I work with companies to make significant changes in culture and direction.

I approach everyone one, everything, and every situation from the place of “What is possible here”?

The unconscious mind is a question answering and problem solving faculty. That is what the unconscious mind does. When you visualize, or direct possibility questions to your unconscious mind, your unconscious mind will work to bring you answers and more possibilities!

Anyone who has ever witnessed me brainstorming will tell you to bring a recording device! Once I start generating ideas, you won’t be able to write fast enough to capture them all. They will also tell you that in a few minutes, I will generate more ideas then they could bring to fruition in a life-time. That is the combined power of possibility thinking and the unconscious mind!

Now, I’m not doing anything special. Everyone has the capacity to do this. As humans we are designed to be creative. Our formative years of up-bringing, schooling, and skill training can actually erode our natural abilities in this area.

But don’t worry!! It can be recovered and relearned.

And THAT is why I created the FREE 30 Day Possibility Challenge™ and the Walk with Possibility Goal and Visioning Walk-Shop™, to help you do just that! (If you want more possibility, you can join us in-person on October 17th for the Walk with Possibility Goal and Visioning Walk-shop™!)

While there are many ways to work with Possibility Thinking, I have outlined my two favorites below!

My Story

DSC00806 - Copy20 years ago, I struggled with clinical depression so severely that I could not lift the chairs around my dining room table. The medical model of medication and talk therapy was not effective for me. The anti-depressants didn’t agree with my system. Talk therapy helped me feel better in the moment, but didn’t actually heal the depression. This model does work well for many people, and if you are one of those people, I am very glad for you. In my case, that lack of success with traditional approaches started me on a journey to find other modalities that would help me create wellness.

The three modalities that worked best for me are: the personal development movement, transformational coaching and hypnosis. While these approaches are not in any way a replacement for medical support, they are wonderful complimentary approaches that can be used to support traditional treatments. Which is why, I became certified in them and use these tools to help others.

The common thread in all three of those modalities, the thing I kept coming back to over and over again, was possibility thinking. That was the one thing that made the biggest difference for me.

At the height of my depression, I kept asking the question: “What if it were possible for me to be fully healed and living depression free?” Well, it did take me a few years, but I got there. I have lived 15 years medication free, I am free all depression symptoms, and I LOVE it! It was possible for me, it may be possible for you, too! (For more information check out this website.)

The Two Possibility Thinking Techniques I Use Most!

Above, I promised you an overview of the two possibility thinking techniques I use most. You are welcome to use these techniques while you are taking the 30 Day Possibility Challenge™. The two possibility thinking techniques I use most often: Dropping the Possibility into the Well; and Walking with Possibility™.

Dropping The Possibility Into the Well

Wishing_WellThis is a visualization technique.

  1. Visualize one of those old fashioned wells (could be a wishing well)
  2. Form your possibility question (use one of the examples above as a guideline—experiment with which version works best for you).
  3. Visualize dropping the question into the well. (I actually visualize it going down and dropping into the water).
  4. Here is the interesting part, you want to “feel” the question drop into the water—which is actually your unconscious mind—you might imagine your body is the well and “feel” the question drop into your “gut.”
  5. Trust your unconscious to answer the question and stop thinking about it for awhile.
  6. Ideas/answers pop up in unusual ways—songs on the radio, conversations with others, being drawn to a book, just a feeling or idea that pops into your head.
  7. Start moving in the direction of that possibility.

Walking with Possibility™

New Picture (13)This is one of my favorite goal setting and possibility creation techniques. It is a form of moving mediation and goal setting. I actually go for a walk in nature. I imagine each step in the walk is a step in the direction of my goal or dream.

  1. Before you start walking, determine what you want to focus on. This could be a personal issue such as creating more loving relationships, or a business issue like increasing clients.
  2. As you start walking, ask your possibility questions.
  3. Visualize each step in the walk as being a step in the direction of the highest possible outcome.
  4. Allow your imagination to run wild with “what ifs” and “if it were possible I’d…”.
  5. If your mind wanders to negative possibilities, pull it back to the positive.
  6. Usually by the end of the walk I have ideas!

You can join us in-person on October 17th for the Walking with Possibility Goal and Visioning Process Walk-shop™!

Want MORE Possibility?
Join us October 17th in-Person for the
Walk with Possibility Walk-Shop™


New Picture (13)

Because every step should be a step in the direction of your goals and dreams

2013-06-21 06.25.12

A MOVING Visioning Process

2 Years ago, I began walking with possibility-literally.
I would go for my daily walk and imagined every step
as a step in the direction of my dreams.
The result? Things started HAPPENING.

Join me for this three hours walk-shop and learn a fabulous goal setting
and visioning process that really gets you moving!

Take the Steps!

Join us in-person for this 3 hour “walk-shop ™”. Learn the Walk with Possibility ™ Revolutionary Visionary and Goal Setting process! Literally walk yourself to success!

  • Date: Saturday October 17, 2016
  • Time: 9:00AM to 12:00PM
  • Cost: $10
  • Location: Cambridge-Paris Rail Trail-Head Parking lot on Highway 24 beside the Petro Canada Gas Station.

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Saturday, October 17th, 2016
9AM – 12 pm
Walking With
Possibility Walk-Shop $10 per person

Please Note

  • Wear VERY comfortable shoes and clothes.Workout clothes welcome.
  • There is about one hour and thirty minutes of comfortable walking with breaks along the way.
  • Beginners welcome!
  • There are NO washrooms along the trail
  • Please care for yourself by bringing water, food and bug repellant as needed
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