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selfesteemimageHello! I am Renate Donnovan. I would like to welcome you to Emergence Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

When people ask what I do, I say I help you increase your happiness, health, wisdom and wealth. Would you like more of any of those things?

How I support you depends on whether you want to solve a problem or simply want the problem to disappear. Different people want different things. Some people want to work to solve a problem. Others simply want the problem to vanish. Both are valid desires. What matters is that 1 year from today your world is happier, healthier, wiser or wealthier than it is right now!

So, what do I do—exactly? What is the process I use to support you? Those are great questions.

Learn more about hypnosis AND meet Renate. Enjoy Linda Ockwell-Jenner’s interview of Renate (Episode 98).

Experience Hypnosis: Enjoy this FREE 12-minute Relaxation Self-Hypnosis session!

Join Renate Donnovan for a well earned relaxation break. For best results, listen to track with stereo head phones.

This file contains a hypnosis session. NEVER listen to it while driving. ONLY listen to it when you can sit or lay down comfortably.

Basically, in order to best support you and help you create the outcomes you desire, I draw from a combination of several tools to create a customized program to assist you or your business.

The tools I most commonly draw upon for your program are:

  • adult learning theory
  • transformational learning theory
  • integral theory
  • transformational coaching
  • neuro linguistic programming (NLP)
  • success/motivation strategies
  • clinical hypnotherapy

Please explore the rest of my website to learn more about how I can help you.

I recommend that the best way to understand how we would work together is to email me through the contact box below to arrange a free 30 minute consultation or coaching session–please include your phone number in the email.

Please note, my hours of operation are:

  • Wednesday evenings 6-9 pm
  • Thursday evenings 6-9 pm
  • Most Saturdays 10-4 pm
  • Webinars and workshops are typically held on Saturdays or Tuesday evenings 6-9 pm

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